Neil Dennis was born and raised on the land his great grandfather homesteaded in 1900. Neil and Barbara, his wife, raised their three children to teenagers prior to their financial institution serving them notice of foreclosure on the mortgage that tied Neil to that same land. At the time Neil was a mixed farmer (1800 acres in crop and as many in pasture and hay, as well as a purebred cow/calf operation) working long, hard hours, and the hole was getting deeper. The foreclosure, while devastating at the time, was the catalyst for Neil to make changes and so began his journey which lead him here today.

Neil doesn’t claim to have all the answers but he is owner/operator of a 115 year old farm, is confident in his ability to manage in his new framework for decision making and is having a whole lot of fun. Passionate to share his excitement about grass and soil health, Neil is definitely not looking back!